About Holistic Massage Leicester

We are an exclusive ladies only massage service based in Leicester.  Liz Knight began the business in 2007 after qualifying in ITEC NVQ level 3 holistic massage.  Since that time Liz has worked with many female clients, helping with a variety of conditions and disorders.

At Holistic Massage Leicester we follow annual continuous professional development training, which has enabled Liz to add many different styles and modalities of massage to her repertoire, at present this stands at 20 different styles!

Our Philosophy

We aim to treat the whole body in order to maintain a balance between the physical, the mental and the emotional.  We offer a variety of classical and traditional Holistic therapies, which can provide all of us with benefits ranging from relaxation to helping the body recover from stress or illness. Each treatment begins with a personal holistic consultation, where the therapist will listen to and understand your needs.

We will work together to agree a treatment plan, which could be one or a course of treatments.

Treatments plans and therapies are unique to you!