Our Team

Liz Knight Massage Therapist Liz Knight

Has been practising massage therapies for 10 years and is also an accredited tutor with Gateway Workshops.

Liz offers a large range of therapies including traditional full body, half body and neck, back and shoulder Deep Tissue massage, Thai massage, Hot & Cold Stone massage, On-Site massage or desk massage where she goes into businesses and functions and offers massage therapy to grateful employees and guests. Holistic therapies including holistic facial, hand & foot massages, as well as Advanced Bodywork therapies which can help a variety of medical conditions, including injury prevention and treatment.

Liz’s aim is to treat the whole body in order to maintain a balance between the physical, the mental and the emotional, which can provide all of us with benefits ranging from relaxation to helping the body recover from stress or illness. Liz also offers up to 15 massage training courses a month from the Greenacres site. Courses range from complete beginners to advanced massage training. All courses are accredited and insurable to work on members of the public. Liz also offers massage workshops on a monthly basis where students can learn to massage partners, friends or family.